Impact of Technology on Kids

The technological revolution in the new millennium is both a boon and a bane. While we are more connected than before and have access to loads of information on the internet, which makes learning almost free, there is a dark side to it too. Especially when it comes to kids.

Gone are the days of kids spending their time outside of four walls and engaging in actual physical activity and socializing with others. That made them healthier, stronger, fitter both mentally and physically. While once you found a toy in a child’s hand, now you find an internet connected device that keeps them hooked to websites like Facebook and Youtube. These technology platforms are so addictive that children get hooked to them and absolutely hate playing outside. The new play is engaging in some video game and socializing is chatting with your friends on a handheld device. There are also instances of innocent children attempting to redo a dangerous stunt that they watched online and other cases of kids being lured to play dangerous games like ‘The Blue Whale Challenge’.

This definitely isn’t the path for a bright future of kids. It is in the hands of parents and teachers to ensure the right use of technology for educational and recreational purposes. Technology as itself isn’t bad but can become bad in the wrong or innocent hands. Efforts are being put to ensure that this doesn’t happen by several alternative education schools and social enterprises.

In short, garbage in is garbage out. What do you want to feed your child?