Need for Holistic Learning

The importance of holistic learning has been ever increasing. One cannot be an expert in just one field anymore. The new figure of speech is ‘Master of One, Jack of All’. Increased usage of technology and mounting peer pressure is forcing people to learn more than one skill. These need not be only professional skills but also essential skills to live a fulfilling life.

How does one prepare a child for this harsh and realistic world? As rightly said by many, knowledge is power and equipping kids with the right kind of learning at an early stage gets them ready for the world stage. Gone are the days when a student takes a certain path to achieve a career in a certain field. He/she is expected to know a lot more than functional skills or skills that are required for the job. College degrees are turning obsolete what with new age companies looking at personalities, attributes, out of box thinking and clarity of thought.

This urgently calls for a different kind of learning exposure to varied subjects ranging from psychology, history, programming languages, physical education, spirituality, leadership qualities and more. Schools should start incorporating a 360 degree curriculum to build a promising future generation, rather than aiming at churning out another brick in the wall who will struggle to survive in this ever changing world.