Five reasons why magic is a good hobby

We all know how kids are mesmerized by magic and illusions performed on stage. What if they could do some simple tricks themselves? Magic not only piques a child’s curiosity but also turns into a great hobby. Here are five reasons why they should learn magic tricks.

1. Boosts Confidence

When your kids learn something new like a magic trick that can be boasted about, they feel good about themselves and beam with pride. Studies have shown that kids with high self-esteem are less likely to be bullied or to bully other kids!

2. Public Speaking

Magic tricks have a “script” that you say every time you do the trick.  Even simple tricks have a script, and when kids learn to memorize the words for the show, they are working on their public speaking!

When a kid is comfortable speaking in front of a group of people at a young age, they will have an advantage when they get older over others who haven’t.

3. Improves Motor Skills

This is the obvious reason why kids should learn to do magic tricks.  Every magic trick your kid does will involve a lot of hand movements which eventually improves their dexterity.

4. Promotes Reading

One of the first ways most kids learn magic tricks is from magic books, so your kids will have to read at some point to learn to do their magic tricks. This can be one way of inculcating the habit of reading in a young child.

5. A Cheap Hobby

Magic isn’t an expensive hobby to get your kids into. Magic books are accessible for FREE. Another way to get your kids started learning magic tricks is with a magic kit for kids which will last for quite some time.

Learning magic tricks is a fun and productive way to spend quality time around the table with your kid.  There are also many tricks that need two people, and you and your kid could maybe form a team! So this weekend, put aside all your important work and spend some time teaching or learning some magic with your children.