Stop Comparing Your Children to others

Comparison is a common tool used by parents to determine the performance of their child. Parents usually compare their child’s grades with others and then ascertain whether his/her academic achievement was bad, normal or excellent. The sole motive behind comparison is to intrigue the child to perform better the next time but at the same time it leads to unnoticed problems.

When kids are constantly compared with others, they are put under a lot of unnecessary pressure which lowers their confidence and self-esteem. They might not socialize and ultimately develop a ‘care free’ attitude as they are no more bothered to please anyone. They might not perform well even in the fields of their interest if their talents remain unrecognized. They secretly start hating their friends and siblings and will eventually belittle themselves.

However, positive comparison can have great results. Instead of comparing with others, set a benchmark for your kids. Support them to cope up with their weakness and appreciate even their small improvements. Never push them into something they don’t like and always make sure to ensure their satisfaction in everything they do. Set realistic expectations while giving them space to grow.

Children differ in their sets of skills and abilities and it is important to be proud of them for what they are.  Believe that they are exceptional, hope for their bright future and never put them on the comparison scale.