7 things to know about a school before you enroll your kid

It’s the season of admissions and private schools are witnessing long lines of anxious parents with enrolment forms to secure seats for their tiny tots!

For most parents, a choice of school for their children is driven by perception, word of mouth, and infrastructure provided by the school. Here are few things you must know about a school before seeking admission for your child.

1. Is the school future ready?

It is important to know how the school is prepared for its future. Your child will be in this school possibly for ten years. Most schools talk about preparing children for high stake competitive exams like IIT-JEE or medicine but are least bothered about the ‘Holistic Development’ of children.

Instead of focusing on training them in a particular course, look for schools which make learning anything easier for your kids. Children must be imparted with skills that can help them navigate the uncertain future and succeed in the jobs and workplaces prevailing in their time. This is called ‘Free Progress’.

2. How skilled are the teachers?

Children spend one-third of their life with teachers who play a crucial role in molding them. A short conversation with the teaching staff of the school can give tremendous information on the community there. It is important to ensure that there are qualified and experienced staffs that undergo regular training sessions and stay updated on the new methods of teaching and learning.

3. Does learning happen outside the classroom?

Classrooms are the most artificial of places in the real world. The lessons taught on the blackboard would be insignificant if relevant connections with the real world are not made. A significant amount of time must be spent in learning and development by children outside the four walls; be it lab sessions, sports or field trips. Know from the school management how many hours a week are spent by the children outside the classroom.

4. The technology used in the school.

We often come across the ‘Smart Class’ enabled schools these days where several digital aids like images, videos, PPTs are used by teachers for explaining various concepts. However, this method has its own flaws since children are directly exposed to the internet. Have a look at the syllabus and the technologies being used at the school to make sure internet is used only as a source of research.

5. The Assessment

Is that school still depending only on the conventional pen and paper test to assess your child? In that case, please drop the idea of enrolling your child there. It leads to nothing but rote learning and no overall development of the kids. Also, not all children learn at the same pace. So, ensure that there are good counselors to address learning disabilities to children.

6. Are involvements outside academics supported?

It is very important to know if children are encouraged to learn and participate in extra-curricular activities. Children gifted with talents often miss school and it’d be unfair to expect him/her to catch-up with the school work on par with his fellow mates. Such kids require special attention. Make sure that such issues are sorted beforehand.

7. Is the school value driven?

Many schools incorporate orphanage visits and ‘Moral Science’ classes to help children adopt a good value system. From the management and the Principal to the helping staff who look after children, values must be practiced in and out.

Lastly, save your child from being exploited by the education system that is being commercialized.