Parental Pressure on Students

When a child excels at academics, there is hardly anyone else who is more delighted than the parent of the child. Many harbor dreams of top colleges, followed by lucrative careers within a global, competitive economy. In order for kids to meet these expectations, though, they must perform well during the school years. Many parents put intense pressure on their children to earn perfect grades, no matter the cost.

Parents might see the best interests of a child in wanting for them to do well in school, but they are often too heavily influenced by the culture of academic intensity. At many schools, parents can track their child’s progress online and access their grades on tests, quizzes and homework assignments, creating a situation where they have so much information, they can start to obsess over every single score. Unfortunately, many kids collapse under too much parental pressure. Sleep deprivation, eating disorders, excessive worrying, cheating, burnout, loss of interest in hobbies or withdrawing from friends and family can all be consequences of excess pressure.

So how do parents ensure that their kids are not pressurised by them? If a parent is putting undue pressure on a student to achieve academically, they must remember it’s their job to keep their stress levels under control. If they seem overwhelmed, parents shouldn’t shy away from talking to their children. Parents must always remember to encourage their child to take up things that interest them and not what interests the parents. It is very important to make sure that the child relaxes as well.