Importance of Sports

Technology has democratized us and changed the way we look at things but it has also had an adverse impact on children’s health. In this fast-moving world, we are used to seeing children toying with smartphones and playstations. We no longer find them playing in the park and getting their hands dirty.  At an age where they are supposed to be most active and healthy, easy access to addictive gadgets has turned them into couch potatoes. Most kids of the present generation are facing an uphill task to battle obesity and change their physically inactive lifestyle.

The importance of sports is highly underrated. Sports motivate students to stay healthy, prevent chronic diseases, increase their self-esteem and teach them the necessary skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students who participate in sports tend to be better even at academics. It increases their social competence and problem-solving skills.

The aim of physical education here is not to produce champions or winning athletes, but to train the body and perfect it into an instrument capable of manifesting something higher than the physical

– The “Truth Force”.

Sports enhance children’s mental and physical growth. It helps them in character building and also makes them physically and mentally tough. It also teaches children values like discipline, responsibility, sacrifice, self-confidence, accountability and team spirit, which will help them in building a bright future.

Always encourage children to take part in physical activities and sports that they are interested in. Academics are important but so is sports for a holistic well-being.

We at New Creation School, focus on the overall development of the child. We believe a healthy mind is a result of a healthy body. Our dedicated sports facilities in the residential campus help the kid throw himself out.