Education at home

Parents these days are disappointed with the schooling that their children are receiving. Some complain about emotional and behavioural problems exhibited by their children while some others wonder why their child’s performance is below standards. The modern school environment is often held responsible for a deteriorating stability of the kids.

Our current education system prioritizes exam schedules and evaluations over creativity and holistic development. The children who are not very able academically are often ignored. We also come across several news reports which read about the ill-treatment by teachers, bullying and other antisocial activities observed at schools. This calls for the requirement of other ways to educate a child.

One such method popular in the West is ‘Home Education’. Educating a child at home is an enormous step and demands huge commitment. Home schooling families spend incredible amount of time together for living, learning and playing. At home, children are open to learn anything they love and there is a great opportunity to widen the social horizon than in school. They interact with the world around them and identify their unique talents and interests. They will be exposed to learning in a way impossible in a classroom.

Learning alongside teaching is an exhilarating and deeply satisfying part of home schooling. Incidentally, renowned scientists like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Wright Brothers among various others are dropouts of school education. However, when a child is being educated at home, he/she does not get to socialize with other individuals and learn to work in groups.

A substitute to this unusual yet most efficient method of schooling is the Alternative Education methodology in which the free progress of the child is of utmost importance. It offers innovative and flexible programme of study which is different from the mainstream education systems. A child still gets to be part of a school with the benefits of home schooling. He gets to spread his wings and fly under a curriculum that is open, creative and adaptive in nature. This is the reason why alternative education and institutions adopting its practice have been garnering a following in recent times.

Have you enrolled your child in an alternative education school yet?