Education Culture in India in the 21st Century

Today, people have realized that education translates into opportunity and hope for the future. They have understood the fact that the ability to get an education, to foster creativity and curiosity, to seek answers will allow mankind to continue to grow.

The education culture in India has reached interesting times. Teachers are more qualified, students are more aware, schools have better facilities, fee structures have gone over the roof. Modern-day education is certainly aided by computers, projectors, the internet, and much more. Everything that can be simplified has been made simpler. Technology and science have explored every aspect of life. Internet provides implausible knowledge, and there is no end to it.

Education in India includes primary, secondary and higher education. Elementary education goes on for 8 years, secondary and senior secondary education goes on for 4 years. Higher education in India starts after passing the higher secondary education, and post-graduation courses are generally of two to three years of duration.

The current system in India needs many changes. Teachers need to experiment with different styles of teaching. One must understand, teaching must change, not the student.

In a world where methods and people change all the time, it is sad to see that education follows the same archaic methods. It is time for a change.