School Info.

New Creation School focuses on students exploring themselves and learning from the nature around them. The school offers a day scholar program for students up to 4th grade and optional residential program thereafter. Students have well furnished hostels where the interiors are designed in such a way that it provides a perfect balance between studying and resting. Committed “Acharyas” add to the personal development of resident students.

Schools described as “alternative” do not subscribe to any single philosophy, but one common thread that runs through them is that they do not keep academic performance as the only yardstick for a child’s growth and believe in child-centric learning. The school focuses on Alternative Education and emphasizes on learning through experience, rather than learning by reading. As a result, the school makes sure that students learn important skills like gardening, carpentry and basic stitching.

The school believes that health and fitness of the mind and soul are also very important. Thus, the school has a meditation and psychic education unit, Avatar, where students are encouraged to do yoga and gain spiritual knowledge.

A well-equipped library, Aarnava, containing resource books and other materials appropriate to the learning level of the students is made available and easily accessible to the students and the teachers. 

Lastly, the school believes that, to learn in the very lap of nature is to grow pure and noble and education will take a new meaning of adventure and self-discovery and promotes students to understand their surroundings and be an integral part of it.