About us.

Sri Aurobindo International School, Vidya Nagar, after its successful completion of its 50th year in Hyderabad had launched its residential unit,  New Creation – a free progress school in Champak Hills, Jangaon .

Keeping in line with the integral vision of education as envisioned by Sri Aurobindo, New Creation School addresses the development of all the parts of the being, namely the physical, the aesthetic, the emotional, the psychic and the spiritual. The curriculum ensures the training and development of all these aspects. Most importantly the motto of the New Creation school being Atmanaam Viddhim – ‘know thyself’,  the school lays importance to make the child aware of himself/herself through a process of self -inquiry.

The focal point is to build character through engaging a child in becoming conscious of the hidden processes which shape him/her from within. New Creation School focuses on students exploring and learning from nature as the campus is spread over a green panorama of 50 acres of land.  Education will take a new meaning of adventure and self-discovery and promotes students to understand their surroundings and be an integral part of it.